Take this online course and expand your knowledge in the implementation of marketing strategies in the company.

If we do not want our company to decline and keep it in a competent market we need not only to control the possible costs derived from it but also the search for profit, well a good way to seek the benefit is through a good marketing strategy, make your company more attractive, offer and make known to a broad sector your product or service helps the company to enter an important capital injection. That is why this course helps you to find that capital ejection through marketing.




199 € + IVA


The course is structured in 10 units. Each unit is composed of digitized content exported in scorm with interactivity, an explanatory video made by the expert teacher and a test of three non-assessable but compulsory questions to allow the progress of the course.

1. Introduction and evolution of marketing.
2. Web and branding.
3. E-mail marketing.
4. Content marketing I.
5. Content marketing II.
6. Content marketing III.
7. Online advertising, I & II.
8. Objectives & analytics.
9. Branding examples.
10. Conclusion.

Final evaluation test
Downloadable content in PDF

Guía didáctica

The proposed training course will be carried out in the virtual classroom of ESCUELA DE EMPRESA, which allows the student to follow the course in a personalized way, accessing from any geographical location and adapting the pace of learning to their needs.

The methodology that this training proposal implies is interactive, incorporates the support of an external tutor and is complemented with the usual communication elements in online training: forum, internal mail, information boards, documentation center, which guarantee an adequate learning process.

– To acquire the necessary knowledge to understand and apply the determinants of marketing.
– To acquire a broad vision of the various functions that are developed in the company and the place that marketing occupies in these functions.
– To know the techniques for implementing operational methods and means of control.
– To know the marketing tools and their influence on sales.
– To know the principles, fundamentals, and concepts of marketing.

Given the specificities of the course, at the end of each chapter the student will find a self-assessment with three questions about the previously acquired content. A previous visualization of all contents is required to be able to access the evaluation, as well as a 75% of correct answers without limits of attempts to be able to advance with the rest of the course.

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